Chefco Cutlery

All Purpose Cleaver

A cleaver is a indispensable tool. For the home, you will not use your cleaver every day, however, you will find that it is
perfect for certain jobs in the kitchen. It is more effective in separating spare ribs, chicken, duck, turkey and frozen foods than any of the knives in the Chefco Set. The flat side of the cleaver can also be used for pounding and tenderizing meat. Ideal in the preparation of Oriental recipes. Every kitchen is better equipped with a cleaver.

The Professional Boning and Fillet Knife

If you've ever ordered fresh fish in a fine restaurant, you'll sometimes see the waiter or Maitre d' skillfilly cut away the fish from the bones. This is an art that is made much easier with the proper knife. Chefco has created the perfect 6" blade, shaped for filleting the most delicately prepared fish. Other uses are skinning, boning the various meat cuts, and trimming fats from meats with ease with the professional style Chefco Bonings and Fillet Knife.

Meat-Salad Knives

This is our designer knife. Many people choose to call this a steak knife. In addition to steaks, they should be used at your dining table for cutting ham, roast pork, roast beef, fish, fowl, and they certainly are a pleasure to use in cutting your salads.