Basic Set - 23 Pieces


What’s inside: 1 1/2 Qt Pan & Cover
2 Qt Pan & Cover
3 Qt Pan & Cover
9” Skillet
11” Skillet & 11” Cover
6 Hole Utility Rack & 6 cups
6 Qt Dutch Oven
11” Dome Cover
9” Dome Cover
Double Boiler
3 Hole Utility Rack
Cookbook & DVD


Special Features - Chef’s Ware by Townecraft

Gentle, Even Heat Distribution

Two of the metals in Chef’s Ware Cookware –encapsulated aluminum and encased carbon steel – provide efficient heat conductivity. Encased carbon steel with the encapsulated aluminum base absorbs heat and transfers it evenly across the surface of the utensil. Layered between stainless steel the encased carbon steel core provides additional heating efficiency that carries heat up the sidewalls of the utensil and into the cover.

Durable, Heat Resistant Handles and Knobs Crafted from durable phenolic and equipped with stainless steel flame guards; will withstand oven temperatures up to 425 degrees, provided they do not come in contact with direct heat.

Weighted Covers “Water Seal” Covers are designed to form a positive water seal. The natural moisture in food combined with moisture from rinsing, turns to vapor. The vapor condenses and a thin film of water forms between the cover and pan, known as the “water seal”. Rising vapor condenses on the inside of the cover and throughly bastes food.


1 - Stainless Steel Interior Durable, attractive and easy to clean

2 - Encased Carbon Steel Core Absorbs and retains heat evenly across cooking surface and side walls

3 - Stainless Steel Exterior Inherently beautiful and wear-resistant to keep the “like new” appearance

4 - Encapsulated Solid Aluminum Base Permanently encapsulated to the bottom, absorbs heat and gently distributes it evenly

5 - Stainless Steel Plate A unique feature that adds strength, cleans easily and is magnetic induction capable

Lifetime Warranty