Chefco Pro Cutlery Set

This special high quality set features a:
French Chef's Knife, Bread/Slicing Knife, Utility Knife, Paring Knife,
and easy to use honing steel to keep knives always with a sharp edge in seconds.
The cutlery has it's own home in the custom made knife holder.

Slicing Bread Knife

Wonderfully useful for cutting delicate sponge, angel food cake, and slicing fruit cake thin. You
can even use this knife for delicate jobs such as slicing thin slices of ham and roasts, as well
as fowl, bread and cake.

Paring Knife

This specially designed Paring knife is for peeling potatoes, apples, cucumbers, peaches, pears,
turnips; for taking off the roots and stems from beets ,rhubarb, carrots, spinach, celery, and
cauliflower, for scaling and trimming asparagus , brussel sprouts, pitting plums, apricots, peaches
and the coring of apples.

Utility Knife

This knife is designed to do all the in-between jobs that are too small forthe Slicing bread knife.
You can use it for many purposes, such as slicing tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers, hard- boiled eggs,
 green peppers, peaches,and pears; cutting and sectioning grape fruit and oranges; making carrot sticks,
celery sticks, cutting corn off the cob; trimming and cutting broccoli, cauliflower,; peeling eggplant, melons,
oranges, summer squash, grapefruit, pineapple; and coring lettuce and green peppers.

French Chef's Knife

This knife was designed to take care of all of the jobs like dicing bread, carrots and fresh vegetables
for soups and stews. You will also enjoy using it to cube meats, fowl, celery, onions, potatoes, the various
types of greens, peppers, parsnips, beets, turnips, fruits, melons, etc. The French Chef's knife should not
be used on bones nor for chopping. The cleaver is the proper tool for heavy duty cutting.

Sharpening tool for knives & shears

The perfect toll for keeping your Chefco Cutlery properly conditioned. Some knives will require
honing more than others, particularly straight edge blades; This requires a few seconds of
"touching up" occasionally.

Slotted Knife Holder

As a fine automobile should have a garage, beautiful china should have a cabinet, your fine
cutlery too, deserves a practical home. As it is important to have good cutlery, it is also important
to take care of your cutlery. That is why Chefco has this convenient holder which will keep each
knife in it's place. No danger of any member of your family reaching into a drawer and cutting a
finger. This truly makes your cutlery set complete.