Chefco Utility Sets
9pc Meat Knife Set Chefco Utility Set


Every kitchen deserves Chefco tools for food preparation and dining.


Handles – Through research, a material has been developed called BRONZE-WOOD. Wood derived from cherry trees grown in the Orient, and phenolic resins are bonded together through the use of high temperatures and extreme pressure. The hardness of the handle is resistant to burns, germs, bacteria, stains and normal household acids.

Full Tang – Chefco Cutlery is manufactured with a full tang handle, (the knife blade goes all the way through the end of the handle), for added strength.

Metal – Type 440-A Blades – Chefco Cutlery is manufactured with a blade that stays sharp, resistant from stains, rust, discoloration and sharpens easily. The blade is composed primarily of four special materials, hi-carbon steel, manganese, chromium and molybdenum. The combination of these special materials produces steel that is hard; stain resistant and the best edge retaining metal available. Each blade is heated in electronically controlled tempering ovens. Chefco blades are tested on a Rockwell hardness tester, to maintain hardness between 54 and 57. The entire process produces a blade with maximum flexibility, resiliency and edge retention.

Cutting Edges – Chefco Cutlery has both straight and shaped edges for every task in meal preparation with a Concave Diamond Edge.